Armory is a card idea made by Rookie652 on January 28, 2017. It was entered in the first CIT, where it was elminated on the Judging Stage. It only received 3 replies.

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The New Armory

armory royale.PNG (link to the google form to comment and leave adjusting feedback)
Anyway, the main purpose of this card would be high damage defense and tank defense. The building has 5 layers of shields as well as the base which has slightly better stats than each shield. All 5 shields have the same hitpoints and lifetime. It also spawns Guards, 1 at a time. Including all the shields, the total lifetime is 1 minute, which is comparable to other buildings. This allows a total of 9 guards to be deployed total.
as shown, each shield has diddly for hitpoints, which means it is weak to swarms and fast attack units (like spear gobs, archers, minions, dart goblin, lumberjack, X-bow, barbarians, and other Guards) It can be deployed to stop some high damage troops quickly (like pekka, giant, mini pekka, golem, lava hound, sparky and ebarbs if given support)
it is an epic whereas all the other spawners are rares (part because guards are epics)
I was thinking of making this a Legendary (in which case I would increase shield hitpoints and make Guards spawn 2 at a time) but settled with Epic.
and it also is 5 by 5. NOT 4 BY 4 As always, hitpoints and shield hitpoints would increase by 10% per upgrade, while Guard level increase by 1 per upgrade
This card may need changing to fit SC's Offense over defense philosophy, however I feel it won't be needed much because it is 6 elixir.
Okay, you can stop reading and comment and survey now