The Bodyguard is a card idea made by Pseudovalide, who considers it to be the best card he ever made. It's a unique troop with the ability to guard another card, protecting it until it dies. It was made on May the 12th, in 2017, and received extremely good feedback, with nearly no balance changes to make and 84% of approval. It received 159 replies and stayed on the Top 50 of the most replied threads ever from the 6th of June to the forums' closure.


The idea of a Bodyguard first came to Pseudovalide in April, while he was searching for a card to enter in the CIT3 he was preparing. He entered the card in the CIT3, and the Bodyguard fought his way to the Top 4 of the 132 ideas entered, losing in the Semifinals to the tournament's winner.

The Bodyguard is part of the Hall of Fame cards on the subforum. It's the first thread made by Pseudovalide that only holds 1 detailed idea ; his previous biggest thread was the Titanic Update, the first Global Update Thread ever made.

Thread Content

New Troop - The Bodyguard

This might be the first BIG idea I release into the world. Hopefully it's good
Table of Contents
1) Key Points
2) Description
3) Stats
4) Picture
5) Offensive & Defensive Strategies
6) How to counter
7) Card Interactions
8) Comparisons
9) Conclusion

"M'lady. *tips fedora*" says the Bodyguard. Yes, he has come here to defend others, and will fight for them until they die.
Key Points

  • 5-elixir Epic Troop
  • When deployed, will search for any allied troop in a 6.5 range
  • Will automatically protect the closest troop
  • Jumps above the troop he protects and runs at the same speed than said troop
  • Gives a shield to the troop he protects
  • Cannot target Buildings
  • Will be targeted by all troops who would target the troop he protects
  • Will stab with a dagger any troop near him
  • Does not protect any troop with an elixir cost inferior to 3
  • Deploy time varies with levels to make him more reactive

Description [Appearance] The Bodyguard is a Knight with black glasses and wearing a Fedora. He has two shields ; one he'll give to the troop he protects and one for himself.
He has a dagger in his hand that he'll use to attack troops near him.
[Mechanics] The Bodyguard's special mechanic is that when deployed, he'll search for any friendly troop to defend in a range of 6.5 tiles.
If there are multiple troops around him, he'll pick the closest troop.
When he chooses to protect a troop, he'll jump above that troop and run at the same speed as him. For example, if he guards a Golem, he'll walk slowly. If he guards a Hog, he'll run at a Very Fast speed.
He will also give a shield to the troop he guards, protecting him from a spell, a Sparky hit, or a PEKKA.
The Bodyguard will automatically take hits for the troop he defends. Spells can still hurt said troop, but buildings and troops will focus the Bodyguard.
He cannot target Buildings ; if there's no troop deployed when you launch him, he'll walk at a Slow speed to the nearest enemy Crown Tower (which is not considered as a building by him).
He is a fast attacker ; he'll attack any troops near him with a dagger, dealing small damage but at a fast hit rate (faster than Lumberjack's !)
Leveling the Bodyguard up also makes him more reactive : he'll be able to protect cards faster and faster the more he is upgraded.
He cannot give a shield to a troop that already has a shield - the Bodyguard won't guard those troops. (RIP Dark Prince & Guards)
He receives knockback from Bowler, The Log, Fireball and Rocket - but only when he doesn't have his shield (else only The Log is able to push him).

Stats Can be found here :
Credit to MrPancakeGuy for great edit skills
Offensive & Defensive Strategies
Offensive Strategies

  • Paired with a Hog, the Bodyguard can be an extreme pain for your opponent : he won't be able to kill the Hog in one shot, and surrounding him with swarms won't work either.
  • He can defend Musketeers attacking a tower.
  • Paired with Elite Barbarians (he'll only protect one of the two) even a Rocket can't stop them. They'll be very hard to kill.
  • During Giant pushes, he can tank an Inferno Tower or Dragon for the Giant until they reach the building and destroy it.
  • He can protect any glass cannon such as a Mini P.E.K.K.A. and kill Skeletons that might distract him.
  • He can tank out an Ice Spirit or Fire Spirits for other smaller troops
  • He is a great counter to the Inferno Tower or Furnace, two hated cards
  • Paired with Royal Giant (we know, we know, he sucks) he can defend the swarms until the RG finds his way to the tower (then spams crying emote)
  • If you need fast shots on a tower, get him above a Dart Goblin and they'll be able to lock on the tower to deal a good amount of damage.
  • If the enemy has a Sparky to defend your pushes, the Bodyguard will be able to tank Sparky hits, and if that Sparky is protected by a building, no problem - the Bodyguard ignores buildings !

Defensive Strategies

  • A princess in need of help from a Goblin Barrel, Miner, Log, Arrows, anything ? Worry not, the Bodyguard's shield will save her !
  • By himself, he can tank a good amount of damage, his fast hits can also wreck the enemy troops.
  • He's not very useful against a Giant, but can tank hits from a Musketeer instead of the tower or your troops.
  • The Bodyguard's reactivity (deploy time decreasing) can allow you to take out units fast and before the enemy can even react.
  • He does well against spawners and swarms, mainly because of his dagger's 0.6 Hit Speed. He'll be weaker against Barbarians, resisting a lot of hits.
  • If a troop is about to attack your tower and take it out, putting the Bodyguard above with someone to guard with force said troop to retarget on him.
  • He can tank many Mortar or X-Bow hits without really taking much damage, while you use another troop to finish those buildings off.
  • He can't really take out a Royal Giant by himself, but he can protect a glass cannon to deal with it.
  • Being reactive and spell-resistant, if you see a Rocket coming, put him down to save the troop and your opponent will have wasted 6 elixir.
  • When a Lava Hound dies on your tower, you can use the Bodyguard to save your tower from taking a single hit.

How to counter

  • A Bodyguard alone can still be a massive threat for your tower, but tanky troops resist him a lot. Use an Ice Golem or a Knight and your tower will finish him off.
  • Bomb Tower and Mortar are very effective against him, since he'll always stay relatively close to the troop he protects. Use those buildings to deal damage to both of them.
  • Goblin Gang will be quite effective against him. They might bring his health to 50%. Add a tanky troop before the swarm, and gg ez. Skeleton Army will be stronger as he'll have to constantly retarget while taking hard damage.
  • Any Air troop will obliterate him since he cannot hit Air. Mega Minion is the perfect card against him.
  • Heavy-hitters such as PEKKA still beat him. Prince's charge will be wasted on his shield, but Prince is way stronger.
  • Since he will not target buildings, a well-placed Tombstone will force him to attack Skeletons from time to time, WITHOUT destroying the Tombstone.
  • Any kind of Spawner building will force the Bodyguard to attack troops coming out of it while your tower finishes him off.
  • Inferno Tower or Tesla can also be quite effective against him.
  • An enemy coming to your tower with Elite Barbarians/Hog Rider + Bodyguard can be seen as impossible to defend. But a Tombstone or Furnace will wipe their shields out, and your Fireball will be extremely effective.
  • If you don't have a Tombstone or Furnace, just use a tanky troop to kite Ebarbs on the other lane, then put something like Archers, a Wizard, a Musketeer.
  • Against the Hog, if you don't have any buildings, try to use the Tornado to pull him away or on the King Tower.
  • Any troop dealing AoE is strong against him and the troop he protects. Don't forget to put something above your troop or the Bodyguard will shred it.
  • Bodyguard vs Bodyguard depends on the troop they defend. If your combo is losing, use the Log or Zap to stun enemy troops, or even Freeze, to finish the enemy's troops.
  • With the removal of his swarm-killing mechanic, the Bodyguard is weaker to large swarms. The Skeleton Army might do good on him.
  • Against a BG+Hog combo, Bomb Tower will work perfectly, wiping both of their shields and tanking enough damage to prevent the hog from hitting the tower hard. Use a Mega Minion, Archers, or any support defense to clear up the remaining units, and you get a positive elixir trade since your units are still here.
  • Even if Rocket might not clear the two warriors, an Electro Wizard put in the middle with any tanky troop will distract the BG for a long time, allowing towers to fully retarget on the Hog, while the Ewiz will prevent him from dealing too much damage.
  • Inferno Tower alone will not work well against Hog+BG even if the Hog is the only one who will target it. I would recommend using Minions to clear the shield, or Barbarians to distract the BG while killing the Hog.

Card Interactions [We will exclude building targeters here] [All cards are at tournament standards levels]
The Bodyguard will lose against every single Air troop that can hit him. Because he just cannot him them.
He wrecks swarms or small troops but Skeleton Army will do a bit of damage to him.
Damage dealers such as Mini PEKKA or Lumberjack win against him.
Ranged troops are effective depending on its speed. If he's working with a Hog, any Ranged troop will be killed. Executioner may deal a good amount of damage, but still loses.
If the Bodyguard is working with a slow troop, Musketeer and Wizard will do quite better.
Small tanky troops will always lose against him
All large troops such as PEKKA or Three Musketeers will beat him hard. Remember that the Bodyguard is, despite of its cost, NOT a damage dealer.

We will see here how the Bodyguard ranks himself with other 5-elixir troops (except Minion Horde & Barbarians) (Tournament Standards levels).
Giant - 3344
Bowler - 1596
Prince - 1463
Bodyguard - 1065 (+284) Executioner - 1010
Witch - 665
Wizard - 598
As you can see, the Bodyguard is an average troop among the 5-elixir troops, with average HP compared to others. He is weaker than damage dealers but stronger than ranged troops.

Damage per second
Prince - 216
Wizard - 163
Giant - 140
Bodyguard - 122 Executioner - 116
Witch - 98
Bowler - 95

Once again, the Bodyguard has average DPS, being slightly stronger than the Witch but way weaker than Prince or Wizard.
Originally Posted by MrPancakeGuy [1]What is his speed without guarding a troop?
What are the dagger stats?
Without guarding a troop (it's written in Mechanics) he walks at a Slow speed.
The dagger has a 0.6 Hit Speed, and at tourney standards deals 73 damage per hit.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [2]Will he be affected by The Log when jumping?
Also, will he jump diagonally or just in a straight line?
Will he jump over the river to reach the troop he wants to guard?When jumping, he won't be affected by the Log - consider this like a Hog jump over the river.
He'll jump in order to put himself right in front of the troop he guards.
If that troop is in its range, yes.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [3]If Giant was targeted by inferno tower and suddenly he jumps over, will he re-target?No. BG's "focus" mechanic does not work for troops/buildings already locked on someone.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [4]Will splash damage affect him?Yes.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [5]Will he run behind to guard the troop after it was placed? I am assuming that his speed also changes ?If you put a troop behind him, he'll run behind (at that troop's speed) and jump in front of that troop.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [6]You said that he won't pick it up, right?
Also, just asking, why swords and stuff for a bodyguard? Should he be wielding guns?Yeah, only 1 use.
Because guns aren't really in CR's Medieval Theme - Musketeer is ok, but still.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [7]can air troops be guarded?No, Bodyguard can only see Ground Troops (and he can't fly to protect Air troops )

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [8]If a troop like golem has a shield and it splits into golemites, do the golemites get shields?
Also, if golem's shield gets destroyed, will it do damage to nearby troops?
No, the shield only applies to the troop the BG guards.
No, the shield doesn't do any damage when destroyed.

Originally Posted by Harishmadhavan [9]Can you guard clones?Yeah, he can guard clones as long as their value is above 3 elixir.

Originally Posted by EnderHunter8 [10]What happens if the BG is guarding a guard?The BG can't guard troops with a shield (explained in Mechanics)

In my opinion, I've managed to balance the Bodyguard pretty well, and he's an average 5-elixir troop that could change the meta. Let me know if you have questions, don't forget to leave a vote on the poll, and reply to the thread by telling me what's good and bad about the Bodyguard.
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