The Card Ideas Tournament, usually referred to as the CIT, is one of the first (and the biggest at the time of its creation) tournament of card ideas made by different forumers. It was made as a project of the IFR Lead Group and was hosted by it, under the direction of Pseudovalide. It is usually considered as the best of the 3 tournaments in the CIT Series. The CIT held a total of 41 ideas and was won by the Dragon Lancer, Archmage101's card and the Subforum Champion, over Night Witch (27 votes to 12).



Winner : Dragon Lancer, by Archmage101

Silver Rank (2nd) : Dark Witch / Sorceress, by Rockabye Bronze Rank (3rd) : The Yeti, by TheDankPrince

Honorable Mention (4th) : Venomous Siblings, by NightmareX


There were 6 judges in the CIT : Pseudovalide, Zygarde123, Rockabye, Bluballoon, NightmareX and Archmage101.


Hosted by the IFR Lead Group / Directed by Pseudovalide / Part of the CIT Series, as one of the 3 main events


41 ideas were registered

3 stages : Judging ; Group ; Direct Elimination

Judging Stage : Judges rate ideas on multiple things such as balancing or layout. The average rating of each card determines its Judging Rank. Top 2 ideas by Judge Ratings skip the Group Stage and the Preliminary Round. Ideas from rank 3 to 27 are sent to the Group Stage. Ideas from rank 28 to 41 are eliminated.

Group Stage : 25 ideas (Judging rank : 3 to 27) in a public poll. Community votes for its favorite ideas. Top 2 ideas in terms of votes skip the Preliminary Round. Ideas from Poll rank 3 to 10 are sent to the Preliminary Round. Ideas from Poll rank 11 to 25 are eliminated.

Direct Elimination Stage : Multiple 1v1 rounds. Preliminary Round => Quarterfinals => Semifinals => (3rd Rank Fight) +The Final

Preliminary Round : Ideas from Poll rank 3 to 10 are put in 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Quarterfinals : The 4 ideas that skipped rounds (Top 2 Judging + Top 2 Group) and the 4 ideas that won the Preliminary Round are put in 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Semifinals : The 4 ideas that won their previous matchup are sent in another round of 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances to The Final. The idea with the lowest vote count in each matchup is sent to the 3rd Rank Fight.

3rd Rank Fight : 1v1 matchup between the ideas who lost their Semifinals matchup. The idea with the highest vote count wins the 3rd place on the tournament.

The Final : 1v1 matchup between the ideas who won their Semifinals matchup. The idea with the highest vote count wins the tournament.


Here is a list of the ideas registered for this tournament and the name of the user who made each idea.

Legend : All ideas / Ideas that went at least to the Quarterfinals / Tournament Winner

Idea Creator Ended on
Atlar LegionPL Judging Stage
Ark Golem Anthonydakindz Judging Stage
Armory Rookie652 Judging Stage
Assassin Goblin YohanPlayz Preliminary Round
Bee and Beehive Berdyie Group Stage
Bomberman LostParadise Judging Stage
Centaur bombtowerOP Judging Stage
Chomp Chest ZondaBoss87 Judging Stage
Clone Wizard arthurkim Judging Stage
Constrictor Deaglemann Group Stage
Dark Witch Rockabye The Final (2nd place)
Denial DrKillPatient Quarterfinals
Dragon Egg chinmaydagod Judging Stage
Dragon Lancer Archmage101 Won the tournament
Elixir Spirit Dogeeeeeeeeeeee Judging Stage
Fisherman dd1cool Judging Stage
Flame Troll SirShieldalot Quarterfinals
Force Master ferrell17 Group Stage
Gargoyle Uzzi21 Group Stage
Gemini RobroCOC Group Stage
Gladiator Anga24 Quarterfinals
Goblin Warrior F34Rmachine Preliminary Round
Gremlin TheMooCow Group Stage
Hallucination CaffienatedLegend Group Stage
Jet P.E.K.K.A. TheMockingjay Group Stage
Mini Crab Connor1736 Group Stage
Mr. Explosive Bmille3 Group Stage
Ninja Zygarde123 Preliminary Round
Ogre Brokty Judging Stage
Organ Gun Proxwarrior33 Judging Stage
Roverclock Damien4794 Group Stage
Shield Spell WubWub99 Group Stage
Sneaky Goblin Jonnyman Preliminary Round
Stormin' Rider Victor0503 Group Stage
Spell Disruptor Acknowledged Group Stage
Trimere Giorgikas Judging Stage
Venomous Siblings NightmareX Semifinals (3rd place)
Vortex Wizard XxNeoSmashxX Quarterfinals
Xacuum Blatz04 Group Stage
Yeti TheDankPrince Semifinals (4th place)
Zorcast Harishmadhavan Group Stage


Judging Stage : Only 1 idea could be entered by user.

Group Stage : RULE #1 : You are allowed to vote for yourself.
RULE #2 : Contestants have to vote for 2 or more ideas for their vote to be counted.
RULE #3 : To prevent multiacc/cheating, Fresh Spawns votes won't be counted.

Direct Elimination Stage : -For a vote to count, you must vote in the poll on all matchups for 1 idea
-Any comment vote will not be counted
-Any other type of vote will not be counted
-Any change of vote will not be counted

In case of a tie, Fresh Spawn votes will be removed.
In case of another tie, best Judge Rating will pass.
In case of ANOTHER tie, Trainee ratings will be removed.
In case of A N O T H E R tie, judges will manually decide.

Detailed Results

Judging Stage

Note that the Top 2 ideas skipped the Group Stage and the Preliminary Round.

Judges' stats :

Group Stage

Note that 'Total votes' includes Fresh Spawn votes, which were not counted in the final ranking. Unfortunately, Pseudovalide lost the file with the real vote counts of each idea. Ideas in bold are the Top 2 ideas that skipped the Preliminary Round.

Idea Total votes Qualified/Eliminated
Assassin Goblin 11 Qualified
Bee/Beehive 6 Eliminated
Constrictor 5 Eliminated
Dark Witch 8 Qualified
Denial 6 Qualified
Flame Troll 6 Qualified
Force Master 4 Eliminated
Gargoyle 3 Eliminated
Gemini 4 Eliminated
Gladiator 11 Qualified
Goblin Warrior 8 Qualified
Gremlin 3 Eliminated
Hallucination 4 Eliminated
Jet P.E.K.K.A. 5 Eliminated
Mini Crab 3 Eliminated
Ninja 9 Qualified
Roverclock 3 Eliminated
Shield Spell 6 Eliminated
Sneaky Goblin 7 Qualified
Stormin' Rider 4 Eliminated
Spell Disruptor 2 Eliminated
Venomous Siblings 15 Qualified
Vortex Wizard 7 Qualified
Xacuum 4 Eliminated
Zorcast 4 Eliminated

Direct Elimination Results

Note that ratings here are from the Challonge website ( which contains the real votes (without Fresh Spawns) for all Direct Elimination rounds.

Qualified ideas are in bold.

Preliminary Round

Assassin Goblin : 14 - 18 : Flame Troll

Vortex Wizard : 19 - 12 : Sneaky Goblin

Ninja : 14 - 17 : Denial

Dark Witch : 21 - 12 : Goblin Warrior


Venomous Siblings : 17 - 7 : Flame Troll

Dragon Lancer : 19 - 5 : Vortex Wizard

Yeti : 15 - 9 : Denial

Gladiator : 7 - 17 : Dark Witch


Venomous Siblings : 7 - 18 : Dragon Lancer

Yeti : 14 - 15 : Dark Witch

3rd Rank Matchup

Venomous Siblings : 15 - 24 : Yeti

The Final

Dragon Lancer : 27 - 12 : Dark Witch


The first CIT is often seen as the best IFR tournament ever made, for multiple reasons :
-Its winner is the Dragon Lancer, the card seen as the "Subforum Champion"
-Judges were liked by a large part of the community
-The tournament was handled very well and there was nearly no drama

The first CIT is the only CIT where a judge won the tournament (Archmage101).

The first CIT, surprisingly is not the shortest CIT in terms of duration. Its total duration, from Registrations to the Results, is 1 month and 9 days (March 1st - April 10th), while CIT2's is 1 month and 7 days (April 14th - May 21st), and CIT3's is 2 months and 13 days (May 30th - August 12th ; the longest by far).