The Card Ideas Tournament II, known as the CIT-II or CIT2, is a tournament of card ideas made by different forumers. It is the successor of the Card Ideas Tournament ; however, both CIT and CIT3 are considered better than this one. The tournament held a total of 61 ideas, and its winner was Sammydict's card, the Outlaw, beating Ligimeon's Frost Avian in the Final, 31 votes to 22.



Winner : Outlaw, by Sammydict

Silver Rank (2nd) : Frost Avian, by Ligimeon8

Honorable Mentions (Semifinals) : Spiritualist, by NightmareX ; Hydra, by SoumilDude ; Range Spell, by Bluballoon


The Judging Stage was cancelled in the CIT2 because most of the judges cancelled their participation. With only 2 judges left, Pseudovalide cancelled the Judging Stage and found another way to start the tournament.


Hosted by the IFR Lead Group / Directed by Pseudovalide / Part of the CIT Series, as one of the 3 main events


Tournament Organisation

61 ideas were registered ; Excalibur was removed as it was basically a joke post. 60 ideas were entered.

2 stages : Group ; Direct Elimination.

Group Stage : 60 ideas, put into 12 groups (5 ideas for each group), separated in 3 threads. Top 8 ideas in terms of total votes skip the Qualification Round. Top 2 ideas of each group advance to the Qualification Group (except the Top 8 mentioned above).

Direct Elimination Stage : Multiple 1v1 rounds. Qualification Round => Preliminary Round => Quarterfinals => Semifinals => The Final

Qualification Round : Top 2 ideas of each group (except the Top 8 ideas in terms of overall votes) are put in 1v1 matchups. 16 ideas are put in 8 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Preliminary Round : The 8 ideas that skipped the Qualification Round and the 8 ideas that won it are put in 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Quarterfinals : The 8 ideas that won their previous matchup are sent in another round of 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances. One of the 4 Quarterfinals had a tie that couldn't be broken (Hydra Issue) ; both ideas advanced.

Semifinals : The 5 ideas that won their previous matchup are sent in another round of 1v1 matchups. Semifinal 3 held 3 ideas, however only 1 advanced. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances to The Final.

3rd Rank Fight : Cancelled because of the Hydra Issue.

The Final : 1v1 matchup between the ideas who won their Semifinals matchup. The idea with the highest vote count wins the tournament.

Hydra Issue

The Hydra issue was a major issue in the CIT2, caused by a problem in the rules which led to a tie that couldn't be broken. On Quarterfinal 4, while Hydra had the upper hand in terms of total votes, removing the Fresh Spawn votes led to a tie. Since there were no Judge Ratings, making a real decision was impossible. Pseudovalide had to put both ideas from that Quarterfinal into Semifinal 2, and they were both eliminated by Frost Avian. This issue led to a massive forum argument, where Hydra's creator himself, SoumilDude, was banned after a message attacking Pseudovalide. It is considered one of the reasons why the CIT and CIT3 are considered better than this tournament.


Here is a list of the ideas registered for this tournament and the name of the user who made each idea.

Legend : All ideas / Ideas that went at least to the Preliminary Round / Tournament Winner

Idea Creator Ended on
Air Defense Bemerry Group Stage
Axe Barbarians Zeskorion Group Stage
Baby P.E.K.K.A.'s bouncyball2002 Group Stage
Balloon Parade ZondaBoss87 Group Stage
Balloon Parade (gcw's) gcw0068 Qualification Round
Blaze Lighter Backseatdriver Group Stage
Catapult asasasa Group Stage
Clone Machine TheTrueBrawler Group Stage
Dark Knight TheOneTheyCallSmasher Preliminary Round
Dark Princess WubWub99 Preliminary Round
Detonator OneGeniusIsEnough Group Stage
Dragon QFighter Group Stage
Elite Archers plokpusta Group Stage
Etalume Harishmadhavan Quarterfinals
Excalibur AustrianWarriors Auto-Eliminated
Fire Factory Angelmo Group Stage
Fisherman gendgibson Qualification Round
Flag Bearer Cetren Qualification Round
Frost Avian LigiMeon7 The Final (2nd place)
Gargoyle TheMooCow Group Stage
G.F.M. AlphaWizard125 Preliminary Round
Gobbler LordVankous Group Stage
Goblin Parliament KingRay171 Preliminary Round
Golden Knight OmgItsEthan Group Stage
Grace DividedZero Group Stage
Grand Wizard Technocracy Group Stage
Guardian Basher OperationGaming Preliminary Round
Heal Tower YanThomas Group Stage
Huntswoman Rockabye Preliminary Round
Hydra SoumilDude Semifinals
Hypnotist sanchit042 Group Stage
Inferno Mage Firebreeze13 Group Stage
Jester atticuszed Group Stage
Juggernaut Acknowledged Group Stage
Jungle Beast GlacierBlast Group Stage
King Zygarde123 Group Stage
Legion IAmTheSilent Group Stage
Magnetic Spirit Damien4794 Group Stage
Mr. Explosive Bmille3 Qualification Round
New Moon Destroyer864 Group Stage
Ninja Goblins DivyamtheGreat Group Stage
Outlaw Sammydict Won the tournament
Paladin Archmage101 Quarterfinals
Poison Wizard Cutioner Group Stage
Pouch Goblin MrPancakeGuy Preliminary Round
Pounder Proxwarrior33 Group Stage
Pyromaniac ZacFD4ic Qualification Round
Range Spell Bluballoon Semifinals
Reaper Jr. Pircival Group Stage
Rocketeer FusionBolt Qualification Round
Rocky JKBeast18 Quarterfinals
Shaman DrKillpatient Preliminary Round
Snowypuss Blatz04 Qualification Round
Spiritualist NightmareX Semifinals
Templar KingBencent Group Stage
Time Streamer DogeUltimatrix Group Stage
Toxic Ooze Londync Group Stage
Upgrade Sdw924 Group Stage
Vine Witch ferrell17 Qualification Round
Water Wizard StarBCoc Group Stage
Wooden Stake EpicSam5189 Group Stage


Group Stage : -You have to vote for 2 ideas or more in the same group.
-You can vote for some groups and skip others. (example : voting for Group A, B and C's ideas, but not voting in Group D)
-Any comment vote will not be counted
-Any single vote will not be counted
-Any vote for all ideas will not be counted
-Any PM vote will not be counted

Direct Elimination Stage : (Note that the latest rules, the Final's, are taken here.)
-Any poll vote (for one idea) will be accepted
-If an idea wins with a suspiciously high amount of recently created Fresh Spawns, I'll manually verify and choose if it gets kicked out of the tournament, making the other idea win.
-Any comment vote will not be counted
-Any other type of vote will not be counted
-Any change of vote will not be counted
-In case of a tie, accepted votes from the previous round will go to the idea. This goes on until Preliminary Round.
-Any personal attack or offense made against anyone will get the person's vote removed
-If said person is an idea creator his idea will be removed

Detailed Results

Group Stage

Note that 'Total votes' includes Fresh Spawn votes, which were not counted in the final ranking. Unfortunately, Pseudovalide lost the file with the real vote counts of each idea. Ideas in bold are the Top 8 ideas that skipped the Qualification Round. Hydra Issue votes are different from Challonge votes as Challonge does not support the system we had for the Hydra Issue.

Idea Group Total votes Qualified/Eliminated
Pyromaniac A 13 Qualified
Legion A 6 Eliminated
Huntswoman A 15 Qualified
Magnetic Spirit A 12 Eliminated
Grace A 1 Eliminated
Etalume B 13 Qualified
King B 9 Eliminated
Poison Wizard B 4 Eliminated
Upgrade B 4 Eliminated
Hydra B 13 Qualified
Balloon Parade (gcw) C 11 Qualified
Heal Tower C 3 Eliminated
Fire Factory C 5 Eliminated
Jester C 10 Eliminated
Guardian Basher C 15 Qualified
Blaze Lighter D 5 Eliminated
Time Streamer D 7 Eliminated
Mr. Explosive D 9 Qualified
Paladin D 16 Qualified
Elite Archers D 7 Eliminated
Rocketeer E 10 Qualified
Toxic Ooze E 7 Eliminated
New Moon E 8 Eliminated
Dragon E 7 Eliminated
Goblin Parliament E 9 Qualified
Outlaw F 16 Qualified
Frost Avian F 19 Qualified
Balloon Parade F 10 Eliminated
Reaper Jr. F 3 Eliminated
Baby P.E.K.K.A.'s F 7 Eliminated
Golden Knight G 7 Eliminated
Pouch Goblin G 11 Qualified
Catapult G 3 Eliminated
Range Spell G 19 Qualified
Juggernaut G 9 Eliminated
Air Defense H 8 Eliminated
Pounder H 3 Eliminated
Jungle Beast H 8 Eliminated
Fisherman H 13 Qualified
Spiritualist H 18 Qualified
Dark Knight I 16 Qualified
Flag Bearer I 11 Qualified
Templar I 8 Eliminated
Hypnotist I 5 Eliminated
Grand Wizard I 6 Eliminated
Shaman J 9 Qualified
Gargoyle J 9 Eliminated
Clone Machine J 7 Eliminated
Dark Princess J 14 Qualified
Axe Barbarians J 3 Eliminated
Rocky K 15 Qualified
Vine Witch K 9 Qualified
Detonator K 7 Eliminated
Gobbler K 3 Eliminated
Ninja Goblins K 4 Eliminated
Wooden Stake L 4 Eliminated
G.F.M. L 16 Qualified
Snowypuss L 8 Qualified
Inferno Mage L 7 Eliminated
Water Wizard L 7 Eliminated

Direct Elimination Results

Note that ratings here are from the Challonge website ( which contains the real votes (without Fresh Spawns) for all Direct Elimination rounds.

Qualified ideas are in bold.

Qualification Round

Fisherman : 11 - 13 : G.F.M.

Shaman : 12 - 9 : Snowypuss

Pyromaniac : 8 - 15 : Etalume

Balloon Parade (gcw) : 7 - 17 : Outlaw

Goblin Parliament : 11 - 9 : Mr. Explosive

Pouch Goblin : 16 - 7 : Rocketeer

Flag Bearer : 8 - 16 : Huntswoman

Vine Witch : 6 - 17 : Hydra

Preliminary Round

Spiritualist : 15 - 11 : G.F.M.

Rocky : 12 - 11 : Shaman

Guardian Basher : 5 - 18 : Etalume

Dark Knight : 13 - 17 : Outlaw

Frost Avian : 20 - 4 : Goblin Parliament

Paladin : 16 - 6 : Pouch Goblin

Range Spell : 16 - 7 : Huntswoman

Dark Princess : 16 - 21 : Hydra


Spiritualist : 26 - 14 : Rocky

Etalume : 18 - 22 : Outlaw

Frost Avian : 22 - 18 : Paladin

Range Spell : 19 - 19 : Hydra      (Hydra Issue)


Spiritualist : 18 - 19 : Outlaw

Frost Avian : 18 - 10 - 10 : Hydra - Range Spell

The Final

Outlaw : 31 - 22 : Frost Avian


The second CIT is often seen as the worst CIT tournament ever made (while still being a good IFR tournament), for multiple reasons :-The Hydra Issue and the problems it created
-Judging Stage was abandoned after many judges left their job
-Strong level of drama near Quarterfinals, with a ban

The second CIT is the shortest CIT in terms of duration. Its total duration, from Registrations to the Results, is 1 month and 7 days (April 14th - May 21st) while CIT's is 1 month and 9 days (March 1st - April 10th), and CIT3's is 2 months and 13 days (May 30th - August 12th ; the longest by far).

The CIT2 is the 2nd biggest tournament ever made on the IFR Subforum and is the 2nd event of the CIT Series, followed by the Master's Final.