The Card Ideas Tournament III, also known as the CIT-III or CIT-3 is the last major tournament of card ideas made in the IFR Subforum, and the last tournament of the CIT Series / IFR Lead Group. It is the successor of both previous Card Ideas Tournaments and was led by a team of judges under the direction of Pseudovalide. It is the biggest tournament ever held in the IFR Subforum and probably in the whole CR Forum, and is usually considered as a very good tournament, while still not as perfect as the first CIT. The CIT-III held a total of 132 ideas (more than what Pseudovalide wanted to reach - 64 or 128) and was won by Rainmaker over Enchantress after a controversial Final, since a lot of forumers that never went in IFR only came to vote for Rainmaker. Overall, the CIT-III was appreciated and a sequel was going to be made, the CIT-IV, but the End of IFR Events made the IFR Lead Group cancel the project.



Note that results for this tournament are controversial and every idea in the Top 4 could've won.

Winner : Rainmaker, by Sammydict

Silver Rank (2nd) : Enchantress, by TheOneTheyCallSmasher

Honorable Mentions (Semifinals) : Bodyguard, by Pseudovalide ; Gambit, by Sammydict


There was a judging round in the CIT-III. There were 5 judges : Pseudovalide, Bemerry, MrPancakeGuy, EnderHunter8, and KingRay171.


Hosted by the IFR Lead Group / Directed by Pseudovalide / Part of the CIT Series, as one of the 3 main events


Tournament Organisation

The organisation can be found here :

To see the detailed organisation, read the text below.

132 ideas were registered ; there were 3 stages :Judging ; Group (First and Second) ; Direct Elimination.

Judging Stage : Judges rate ideas on multiple things such as balancing or layout. The average rating of each card determines its Judging Rank. Top 8 ideas by Judge Ratings skip the First Group Stage and choose their group in the Second Group Stage. Top 32 ideas by Judge Ratings skip the First Group Stage. Ideas from rank 33 to 96 are sent to the First Group Stage. Ideas from rank 97 to 132 are eliminated.

First Group Stage : 64 ideas, put into 8 groups (8 ideas for each group), separated in 3 threads. Top 4 ideas in terms of total votes in each group are sent to the Second Group Stage. 32 ideas are qualified, 32 are eliminated.

Second Group Stage : 64 ideas, the Top 32 in terms of Judge Ratings + the 32 winners of the First Group Stage. They are put into 8 groups. Top 3 ideas in terms of total votes in each group are qualified ; #1 idea of each group skips the Qualification Round. All other ideas are eliminated.

Direct Elimination Stage : Multiple 1v1 rounds. Qualification Round => Preliminary Round => Quarterfinals => Semifinals => The Final

Qualification Round : 16 ideas ; the 8 ideas that were ranked #2 in their SGS group and the 8 that were ranked #3. They are put in 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Preliminary Round : The 8 ideas that skipped the Qualification Round and the 8 ideas that won it are put in 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Quarterfinals : The 8 ideas that won their previous matchup are sent in another round of 1v1 matchups. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances.

Semifinals : The 5 ideas that won their previous matchup are sent in another round of 1v1 matchups. Semifinal 3 held 3 ideas, however only 1 advanced. The idea with the highest vote count in each matchup advances to The Final.

3rd Rank Fight : Cancelled because of controversial results in Quarter/Semifinals.

The Final : 1v1 matchup between the ideas who won their Semifinals matchup. The idea with the highest vote count wins the tournament.

Direct Elimination Issue

People took the CIT-III very seriously because it was the largest tournament ever made in the subforum. As a result, someone was banned for making more than 5 double accounts that he used to vote for himself. On the last rounds - Quarterfinals, Semifinals and The Final - a lot of voters that never went in IFR at all voted for Sammydict's ideas specifically without giving any reason, making him win everything. This made the votes look suspicious ; some IFRers claimed that it was perfectly normal and some said it was outrageous.


Here is a list of the ideas registered for this tournament and the name of the user who made each idea.

Legend : All ideas / Ideas that went at least to the Quarterfinals / Tournament Winner

Air Bomb by Lakshya1106
Air Defense by atticuszed

Air Elemental by Archmage101

Alchemist by EnderHunter8
Annihilation by supermaz
Army Camp by Nambro805
Arsonist by terribleProgrammer
Athena by Lakshya1106

Axe Barbarians by Zeskorion

Bard by PepperMoon
Bayoneteer by MasterCal
Beans by JcttehTheWise
BFG by DrWillyO
Blacksmith by JMAX3687

Bodyguard by Pseudovalide
Bomb Musketeer by ClashHawks23

Bomb Shack by Pircival

Boomer by SalvatorDeVerum
Brawler by MightyCall
Builder by Shanehart02
Candles by WubWub99

Catapult by asasasa

Champion by Zeskorion
Clone Army by yolo2546

Clone Machine by TheTrueBrawler

Clone Spirit by Damien4794
Cloud of Darkness by KingBencent
Cowboy by OperationGaming
Crystal Parasite by TheTrueBrawler
Dark Elf by VyperMusic
Dark Knight by TheOneTheyCallSmasher

Defender by NightmareX
Demigod by KingRay171
Destrorb by Zygarde123

Detonator by OneGeniusIsEnough
Dodger by MightyJone

Dragon by QFighter
Eagle by gendgibson
Earthbender by ferrell17

Elite Archers by plokpusta
Elite Hog Rider by 21067102

Elixir Bulb by Anga24

Elixir Golem by AlphaWizard125

Enchantress by TheOneTheyCallSmasher
Etalume by Harishmadhavan
Engineer by Dunless
Eruptor by LordVankous

Excalibur by AustrianWarriors
Exile Spell by Flamechar33

Fisherman by gendgibson
Gambit by Sammydict

Gelatinous Cube by Archmage101
Gemini by RobroCOC

Ghost by OneGeniusIsEnough
Ghost (Big) by BigBeefBLT
Ghost (Third) by Ajnr06
Gladiator by Anga24
Gobbler by LordVankous
Goblin King by ClashHawks23
Grand Sorcerer by Slayya

Grand Wizard by Technocracy
Greminator by Ajnr06

Guard Post by Rascal2013
Guardian Basher by OperationGaming
Hammer Blow by Rainbow131
Haste Spell by SaveThePandas
Huntswoman by Rockabye
Ice Barbarian by Ashertheboss7
Igloo by PredatorMAXX
Imposter Spell by Slayya

Inferno Mage by Firebreeze13

Inferno Wizard by yolo2546
Inn by TheDarkPrince121

Jester by atticuszed

Kangaroo by BlueBat75
Knight Storm by TheScavenger350
Leaf Mage by RedHairedBarbarian1975
Light Tower by Blatz04
Mad King by TheCulprit
Mage by TheDarkPrince121
Magician Girl by Rainbow131
Mercenary by MrPancakeGuy
Mercenary Minion by DuckTornado
Meteor Shower by SaveThePandas
Minion Hive by A7X24
Mr. Explosive by Bmille3
Necromancer by TheGrreatOne
New Moon by Destroyer864
Octopus by BlueBat75
Organ Gun by Proxwarrior33

Paladin by 21067102

Pop Spell by RedHairedBarbarian1975
Portal Spell by Ashertheboss7
Pouch Goblin by MrPancakeGuy
Rainmaker by Sammydict

Range Spell by Bluballoon
Ranger by KingRay171
Red Knight by Laavapallottaja
Reflection by AlphaWizard125
Regnant by Cutioner
River Elf by TruePanda
Rock by Shanehart02
Ropebearers by TheCulprit
Royal Alchemist by KingBencent
Samurai by Flamechar33
Scavenger by WeeklyYeti
Seeker by Bmille3
Shapeshifter by RobroCOC
Shrinking Spell by trainerjj
Skeleton Spell by EnderHunter8
Slingshoteer by Pseudovalide (and KingRay171)
Smoke Spirit by ChiefHubi
Sorceress by Rockabye

Spirit Witch by FuriousRage
Spy by Dunless

Stonfold by Zygarde123
Storm Maiden by Zocket99

Sun Chief by TruePanda
Super P.E.K.K.A. by Rascal2013
Tank by CameronP

Thief by Pircival
Troll by WeeklyYeti
Tundra Beast by Bluballoon
Turret by terribleProgrammer
Undead Barbarian by JcttehTheWise
Vast Spell by Blatz04
Villager by NightmareX
Vine Demon by SalvatorDeVerum
Werewolf by WolfstineDX
Whistler Tank by adeick8
WyrmBuster by LJS2608
ρ - Bot by Harishmadhavan

(will be edited)

Idea Creator Ended on


For the CIT-III, a Rules thread was made, containing all the detailed rules for every round/stage. The text below is what the thread looked like. [This thread regroups all rules for the Card Ideas Tournament III. Any CIT3 thread will have a permanent link to this thread. All rules here must be applied. It is unnecessary to reply, or maybe if you want to bump it. If you want to say things about the rules, talk to me instead, or post in CIT threads - as long as it doesn't create drama (see the Other tab). Don't close this though, I'll need it open to edit it in case I have to between rounds. Some rules will also be found on CIT threads, but this one regroups everything.]


To register as a Judge, you must :
-Be a part of the IFR Lead Group
-Be in the Discord Server of the IFR Lead Group (optional) -Agree to follow the rating sheet that we will define
-Agree to rate all ideas in the tournament, no matter how many there are
-Agree to keep an unbiased judgement for all ideas (you won't be able to rate your own ideas).
-Agree to follow the tournament rules defined in the Discord Server (I can PM if needed)
-Agree to have your ratings removed if they seem suspicious to at least 1/2 of the other judges

-Any player may be able to register 1 or 2 cards in the tournament.
-A player registering more than 2 cards in the tournament, if found, will see his ideas removed.
-Registrations will be available until the Judging Stage starts.

-You have to vote for 2 ideas or more in the same group.
-You can vote for some groups and skip others. (example : voting for Group A, B and C's ideas, but not voting in Group D)
-Any comment vote will not be counted
-Any single vote will not be counted
-Any vote for all ideas will not be counted
-Any PM vote will not be counted


-A player most vote for one idea in each 1v1 for his votes to be counted.
-Any comment vote will not be counted
-Any other type of vote will not be counted
-Any change of vote will not be counted
-In case of a tie, the idea with the highest Judge Rating will win.
-All votes from players who joined in June or July of this year will not be able to vote
-All players that seem suspicious (having joined near the Registrations thread, low posts, only coming in to vote) may be removed from the tournament / from voting.
-This thread may be updated between rounds. For example, after Group Stage but before starting DE stage, I may make edits to DE rules. -Advertising is allowed in your own threads, not in CIT threads. If a thread creator advertises anywhere in a CIT thread, his idea will be removed from the tournament
-Any drama created about anything may result in the idea being removed from the tournament.
-Any personal attack or offense made against anyone will get the person's vote removed.
-If said person is an idea creator his idea will be removed.
-Players may not complain about the rules since the rules in this thread were effective before other threads started.

Detailed Results

In the CIT-III, Pseudovalide has been able to keep track of every round with Excel sheets.

Judging Stage

The Judges' statistics are still missing, but they were made somewhere.

First Group Stage

Second Group Stage

Direct Elimination Results

Note that ratings here can also be seen on the Challonge website ( which contains the real votes (without Fresh Spawns) for all Direct Elimination rounds.

Qualification Round

Preliminary Round



The Final

Rainmaker : 20 - 20 : Enchantress

In terms of real votes, Rainmaker has 18 votes and wins over Enchantress with 17 votes.