Armored Goblin
"Watch out! This goblin steals elixir from defeated enemies!"


The is a troop that can steal elixir from defeated enemies. However, he must be the one to deliver the killing blow in order to steal elixir. Whenever the defeats a troop, you will gain 1/2 of that troop's elixir cost.

However, you will not gain elixir from:

  • Skeleton Army
  • Skeletons
  • Goblin Gang
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Spear Goblins
  • Goblins
  • Cloned troops
  • Fire Spirits
  • Air troops
  • Arena Towers
  • Easter Eggs

If an Elite Barbarian, Archer, Bomber, Princess, etc are killed by the , then you will gain 1.5 elixir. If kills a regular Barbarian, you will gain 1.25 elixir. If the kills a Musketeer, you gain 2 elixir. If the kills a Guard, you get 0.5 elixir. If the kills the Battle Ram, you get 2 elixir, and possibly 2.5 from the two barbarians. So on.

Troops who have their Shield bar destroyed by the will not let you gain elixir. The elixir gain effect only occurs when the delivers a killing blow.

If the kills a mirrored troop, you will gain 1/2 of that troop's regular cost.

Yes, the can steal elixir if it defeats buildings. The can steal elixir from troops spawned by buildings as well, as long as you can gain elixir from their normal card counterparts.



The is good at taking down individual targets, which helps you gain elixir in the process. Going for weaker targets such as Barbarians or Archers are a good idea, as you can gain an adequate amount of elixir easily. However, it is recommended that you support the with troops or spells, as he can die alone easily.

Water Droplets and make a good combo against tanks. Water Droplets will allow the to do 10% more damage to the tank, allowing for a quicker kill and elixir gain. Spells such as Fireball or Lightning can weaken enemies enough to allow the to kill them, and gain elixir at the same time.


Troops such as Skeleton Army, Bats, or Fire Spirits can take out the easily, and without the risk of your opponent gaining elixir. Air troops or spells can also help take down the .