The IFR Tournaments List was a list of the ongoing, planned and finished tournaments in IFR, from June 6th, 2017, to the forums' end. The IFR Lead Group hosted it on an initiative from Pseudovalide.

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IFR Tournaments List - Please read

Okay, so I've seen how each CIT brings a lot of smaller tournaments to the subforum, and how some players are annoyed of that. yolo2546 made me think of creating an actual thread to list ongoing IFR Tournaments, with links, so we know what happens. A sticky would be good, because it's quite important, but that's ok if this thread doesn't get it.

So, welcome to the IFR Tournaments List !
This list regroups all ongoing and finished tournaments that happened in IFR. They'll be separated into groups ; inactive tourneys won't be counted.

>If you wish to add or edit your tournament in here, post the first thread's link, the tournament name, the expected or current size, and the current state of it (Ready / Registrations / Ongoing / Finished)
>Categories are :
-Ongoing Tournaments (name says it)
-Next Tournaments (not started at all yet, maybe ready, and planning to happen)
-Finished Tournaments (tournaments that ended, with a winner)
>To prevent tournament spamming, ongoing tournaments will remain at 3 or less at the same time.
>If a user tries to start another tournament while 3 tournaments are ongoing, I advise players to ignore this tournament.

Ongoing Tournaments :

  • CIT-3 / IFR Lead Group - Pseudovalide / Second Group Stage / 132 ideas
  • IFRTCIC / KingRay171
  • Card Ideas League / Sammydict

Next Tournaments : (When an available space can be taken in ongoing tournaments, the first Next tournament will be able to take it. If the tourney creator takes too much time the tournament below him will be able to take the spot.)

  • CIT-4 / IFR Lead Group - Pseudovalide (even if it's #1 in the Next list, it's on pause during CIT3, so any tourney below this can pass)
  • Alpha Ideas Tournament / AlphaWizard125
  • Double Of Elim Tournament / OperationGaming
  • Arena Idea Championship / KingBencent
  • Feature Ideas Tournament / Zygarde

Finished Tournaments :

  • CIT-1 / IFR Lead Group - Pseudovalide / March-April 2017 / 41 ideas / Dragon Lancer won
  • CIT-2 / IFR Lead Group - Pseudovalide / April-May 2017 / 61 ideas / Outlaw won
  • Master's Final / CIT Series Event - Pseudovalide / May 2017 / 2 ideas / Dragon Lancer won
  • IFR Mini Tournament / Harishmadhavan / June 2017 / 13 ideas / Gambit won
  • AUDRCIT / AlphaWizard125 (& EnderHunter8) / June 2017 / 20 ideas /Mercenary won

I'll edit this whenever a tourney gets added.