KingBencent, or better known as Bencent, is an American Supercell forumer mostly known for his Ideas and Feature Requests (I+FR) threads. As a student in America, he spends most of his time in school and completing homework, but attempts to create card ideas as often as he can. He creates many different ideas, not being limited to just a specific type of idea. His best idea ever in terms of views and comments was his Crystal Plateau arena idea. He also hosted a tournament in which he got 32 ideas submitted.


Age: 14 (as of 8/14/2017)

Nationality: Asian-American


-IRL: Student

-Online: Forumer.

Forum Biography

After joining in November 2016, KingBencent roamed around I+FR for a time, understanding the basic layout of how things were and commenting on others' threads.

After some time, in March 2017, he posted his first idea, which was subsequently Ruled-Out (yes, after 4 months of roaming around, he still didn't check the ruled out list.) He would post another idea the next day, but it wasn't a card idea, but a battle idea of Global Friendly Battles. The basis of it was to allow players to battle others worldwide outside of their clan. There would be no penalties, just a way to test out decks.

Crystal Caves

In March, he would also post arguably his most successful idea, the Crystal Caves Arena. He would add cards of his own, including Corrupted Archers, Moles, and his Ground Lifter idea. He would also include some other forumers ideas (with their permission) and would eventually host a tournament to get some rare cards in, since at the time he had none in the arena. The tournament, after much "bumping," earned all 32 ideas and began, and there were many changes to the tournament structure. The results were Cetren's Flag Bearer winning the Winners Bracket, and AlphaWizard's Elixir Golem winning the Loser's Bracket. As there was one spot left, KingBencent decided to have a separate tournament with 3 other close cards, and in the end, WubWub99's Candles won the last spot.

Final Months on Forums

KingBencent announced that he would be taking a 3 month break from the forums in order to spend time with family over the summer. He created a few more ideas before leaving, and had EnderHunter8 submit any idea of his that he would like to CIT for him, assuming another one was run. During this time though, the activity rate in I+FR plummeted, and when he returned, I+FR was virtually dead.

Revival of I+FR

The I+FR Lead Group attempted to revive I+FR at first, but when Pseudovalide was banned on the suspicion of double accounts, they ultimately stopped.

Currently, the attempt at reviving I+FR is in place, with many of the older and more well-known forumers taking part to revive I+FR. KingBencent is included, and is working on ideas for reviving I+FR at the moment.