NightmareX is one of the CR sub-forum's Game Specialists.


Nationality: British

Forum Nicknames

Nightmare (Simplified Name)

2. Forum Biography

NightmareX joined the Supercell Community Forums on May 1, 2016. On that day he created three card idea threads. His first thread, the Reflect spell (I can't hyperlink on safari use this was an extremely well done thread. Sadly it didn't get a single reply.

NightmareX still created card ideas, but that wasn't what he was most was most well known for at the time, he was known for his replies. These replies are long and well thought out paragraphs that add to the conversation, rather than an "I agree 10chars". It is believed that these helpful replies eventually caused his card ideas to be viewed and seen. It caught the attention of the forum. After creating a few of his card ideas it caught the attention of the mod team, leading to him gaining a custom title of Card Creator, later on being switched to Game Specialist. NightmareX is now a helpful GASP who still leaves extremely long posts that may get him ninja'd every now and again. He still creates card ideas as well, and I recommend you check them out.


IFR Lead Group:

NightmareX is a member of the Lead Group, and was the first judge to apply (apart from the creators) for judge in the CIT. He was accepted and judged through the tournament. He is not in the discord group.



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