Welcome to the Clash Royale Ideas & Feature Requests Wiki!

This wiki was created by users on the Supercell forums, with the purpose of making our Clash Royale ideas viewable all the time, while not getting flooded by the tsunami of ruled-out ideas and/or incomplete threads. It is also supposed to give non-forum users an idea of what we do and inform them about the best ideas for Clash Royale.

Non-forum users are welcomed here too. If any non-forum users want to join the Supercell forums because of this wiki, please read the stickies before making any idea threads.

This wiki also conveniently allows users to check a card out and comment there without getting banned or receiving infraction or warning due to bumping or necro'ing ideas.

If this wiki gets enough support, then this will be the best time capsule for storing our card ideas. However, before adding a card here, it is highly recommended to create that card in forums and then create it here.
Ideas & Feature Requests Subforum
The Clash Royale Ideas & Feature Requests is a subforum on the Supercell forums, where people can submit unique card concepts, help each other balance them out and also give feedback.

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Our Origins
SC Forum I&FR Sub-Forum
Come and stop over at our beloved sub-forum. Check out the newest card ideas and meet a lot of friendly people willing to help balance each other's card ideas out.
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